Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple Pan

There was one burger place that I had been so eager to try. I heard about it from friend, it was mentioned on a TV show and I drove by it pretty regularly. Finally, today was the day that I decided to eat at Apple Pan. I was expecting a regular restaurant layout, but when I walked in the door I was greeted by a counter that ran three sides of a square, all surrounding the grill area.
After about a ten minute wait I sat down at the counter and was given a menu. While a scanned the few options I was very surprised to see that the two main choices, the steak burger and the hickory burger, had the exact same description. Only upon my inquest to the waiter was I able to learn that the two burgers were separated by the type of sauce that was applied to them. I decided to go with the first choice, since I was slightly worried about getting barbecue sauce on my shirt, still on from my day as an intern.
When the burger was served it was done wrapped in paper, which I have come to expect of restaurants in this area. As I took my first bite I was greeted by warm lettuce and a tasty patty. I would say though that the relish on the burger was a bit overpoweringly sweet. The lettuce truly abounded with perhaps as many as six layers at points. While this was fine on the outside when it was warm, the internal lettuce was cold and unappealing. Overall it was a fine burger, but I wouldn't say that it lived up to either the hype or the $6.75 price tag. Though I must say that there were plenty of people waiting, so I guess that it really was market price.

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