Thursday, August 5, 2010

Junior's Delicatessen

A place that I had often passed on my way to and from work is Junior’s Delicatessen. I parked in the lot and walked about half a block until I finally found the entrance door. As soon as I drew close, the doors mysteriously opened of their own accord. I through the ghostly partitions and into a deli counter then hung a left and went down a hallway to finally arrive at the hostess station. After waiting about three minutes by myself, I was finally ushered to a table.
For some reason, I still felt the need to look at the menu, but my order was really a foregone conclusion. The hot pastrami sandwich was served with what was purported to be potato pancakes, but turned out to be more like potato balls. I was very pleasantly surprised as I bit into the balls and found them crispy, with full flavor, and nice onion elements. The best part was really yet to come. When I bit into the sandwich, I found the bread very heavily seeded and the pastrami really great. It was a truly classic pastrami sandwich and I was incredibly surprised at the quality. It was similar to New York prices and was not the best service, but it really was a fantastic sandwich.


  1. what's the best pastrami sandwich in new york, IYO?

  2. 2nd Ave Deli, though it's no longer on the second ave.