Monday, August 9, 2010

José Bernstein’s

Today I decided to sample the local Westwood Mexican cuisine at a restaurant called José Bernstein’s. Wait what? Was that really the name? Let me check... Yeah, that was it. Either the name José or the name Bernstein would not be at all surprising in this neighborhood, but the two in combination ranks up in the strange names department with former Crimson Tide receiver Julio Jones. Looking at the menu I did notice that this restaurant serves both a pastrami sandwich and a chorizo burrito. I made my decision to go with the special, as I so often do.

The breakfast burrito combo came with a sausage burrito, chips and salsa, and a medium soda, all for five dollars. The burrito was filled with eggs, onions, peppers, potatoes and sausage, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Although some people might protest, I was happy know that sour cream and cheese would cost extra. Since I usually would get a burrito without either of those ingredients, it was good to know that I was on the right side of some price discrimination. The salsa was from a choose and serve yourself bar that I had seen at places such as El Pollo Loco as well. The chips were pretty normal and the pico de gallo was very fresh. The burrito itself was relatively bland, but was greatly spiced up with the addition of the hot sauce from the table.

The restaurant seems to fit the college demographic well by serving a lot of food for a pretty low price. Other than the hot sauce and the name of the establishment, there was nothing particularly fantastic or extraordinary about the meal. Overall it was some fine quality food at very reasonable prices.


  1. I think Tapatio is one of the three main generic hot sauce brands for Mexican eatery establishments. #notimpressed
    and what's so hard to believe about a mexijew?

  2. I didn't say that it was anything special, just that it was good and went well with the meal. Mexican Jew is one thing, but it's still strange to name your child José. Beyond that, it's just strange to think that he opened a Mexican restaurant rather than starting a law firm or something.